Carpet Washing

State-Of-The-Art Technology That Guarantees Professional Cleaning

Did you know that it is possible to restore your carpets to their original appearance? We have industrial-strength high-pressure steam equipment that allows us to bring even carpets that have been used up to date up to date.

The cleaning machinery, directly connected to the technician's vehicle, combined with the expert hands of our certified and trained staff, removes dirt and accelerates drying, so that it does not form mold for optimal results. and professional.

Our services are varied, ranging from cleaning sofas, ventilation ducts and of course, carpets of all styles. Our know-how, acquired over several years through our experience, allows us to offer you unparalleled results, at competitive prices.

We only use high efficiency carpets cleaning products that are non-toxic and certified to be 100% biodegradable. As a local company with an excellent reputation, we not only offer a service for your home, but also rugs cleaning for your businesses. Do like thousands of satisfied customers and contact us, we will be happy to make a quick and free estimate!

We are not afraid of challenges, so whatever the area or the scale of the work to be done, rest assured that we will be efficient and professional from start to finish.

Your business deserves cleanliness and cleaning quality that meets your expectations. The chairs in your conference room or those in your workstations, office partitions or dividers need regular maintenance to make them last longer.

This is why, after each of our cleanings, we apply a natural disinfectant to improve the air quality in your premises, which will leave a clean smell as a bonus!

The cleaning process consists of several steps that can vary between carpet types. The washing is done in an integral double-sided way. We also treat the fringes for a completely clean carpets.

To ensure quality cleaning, we use technological machines for thorough and professional cleaning. At the end of the cleaning process (24h) we carefully pack the rugs and we deliver them to your home.

Our cleaning company offers you its services for the cleaning and renovation of your floors and rugs. Whether it is to wash a stained rug or to restore your floor to shine and cleanliness, Yes Carpets is the service provider you need. Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.