Stain Resistence

Carpet stains and (seemingly) irreparable damage can and do occur more easily. Is it possible to replace the carpet in a room or an entire house when this happens?

Loose areas, burns, tears, stains and other miscellaneous issues can make your carpet look less attractive.

Our team can handle permanent stains, creases and waves, open or frayed seams, ripped or missing threads or tufts, and discolorations.

Most carpet repairs can be done quickly and affordably. Thanks to our training and more than ten years of experience, we can accurately assess the damage you have suffered. We can then advise you on the best course of action.

If stains are a problem, we have treatment options that may be safer and more effective than traditional household products. We can completely eradicate most stains without damaging your carpet.

Quick drying, prolongs the life of your rugs by dislodging the dirt that has become embedded deep in the fibers. The anti-stain treatment carried out during cleaning will facilitate regular maintenance.

No sticky residue that attracts and holds dirt. It provides long-lasting protection and restores a new shine.

Often installed in the living room or living room, the wool carpet will be put to the test and will be exposed to stains of all kinds. Do not hesitate to contact us to clean wine , coffee, juice stains or damage caused by animals.

The wool carpet requires vacuuming more often for its regular maintenance, but a thorough cleaning will be necessary at some point. If your wool rug requires stain removal or cleaning, the work will be done at our specialized plant.

We use advanced techniques to restore the shine of the wool rug and prevent it from having unpleasant odors.