The Craft

Discover the refined and timeless allure of our high-end brand, beloved by interior design professionals.

Our hand-knotted carpets combine the noble materials of wool and viscose, resulting in a beautiful fusion of matte and lustrous yarns. If wool is your preferred choice due to its exceptional qualities such as warmth, comfort, durability, and insulation, we also offer a wide selection of 100% hand-tufted carpets.

During the winter season, nothing compares to the cozy embrace of a soft carpet underfoot. Our luxuriously soft faux fur carpets provide warmth, comfort, and style, at a more affordable price compared to genuine animal fur rugs. They make perfect additions to bedrooms and living rooms.

Indulge in incredible comfort with our shaggy carpets, featuring long strands. These thick, plush carpets not only provide a cozy retreat but also serve as excellent sound insulators. Create a cocoon-like atmosphere in your bedroom, living room, or any space where you seek solace during chilly or rainy days.

The result is a collection of exquisite carpets that enhance any space and reflect the rich heritage of craftsmanship. These carpets are designed to be cherished for generations.