The Founder

A home is constantly changing and the people who live in it never stop growing.

The same happened with me. My grandfather started this business in the 90s and called ourselves the India Carpet Line. Today we welcome you with a new name: Yes Carpets.

Since 1990, our family has been exporting handmade carpets from all over India, in a wide variety of sizes and designs. A large number of them come from the rural villages of people working to preserve their ancient lifestyle.

From the beginning, my ambition has always been to share the generational knowledge and passion for the Indian lifestyle and design tradition.

The art of the handmade carpet caught my attention and fascinated me since I was a student in Delhi and began to delve into the history and traditions hidden behind each carpet.

This is something we are passionate about continuing to share with you and just as you strive to improve your home over time, building and adding little by little, at Yes Carpets we do the same.

Have you bought before in our online store? All previous purchases have the same guarantees and conditions as before.

We understand that design is personal. It's not about where you live, it's about the experiences you have, the people you fill your home with, and the memories you create there.

Memories live through the objects in your home. Whether it's your favorite vase gracing the dining table or the perfect shaped mug for your morning tea. We want to share this way of life with you. Our goal is to make you feel inspired and confident as a customer with us - through every detail.

From the moment you visit our online store for the first time until the purchased items become part of your home.

I will help you create a home you love and are proud to share.